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From teenagers to a federal judge, people from a wide range of ages and professions all weigh in on soul.

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What People Are Saying…

In his new book, David Bloom tackles a deep and intriguing topic,What is Soul?  With the same creativity and care he puts into his music, the first thing you will notice is the sheer elegance of the book… you’ll want to put it on your coffee table and come back time and again as inspiration appears.

David Bloom, jazz musician and educator for over 40 years has interviewed a selection of interesting people from all ages and occupations to uncover the mystery of the soul. Through these pages you the reader will be inspired to explore how the soul manifests itself in art, relationships and all aspects of life.

Get ready to be challenged to dive deeper and explore the often uncharted yet deeply rewarding path to one’s own soul.  

Mitch Meyerson, author 11 books including Six Keys To Creating The Life You Desire, and When Is Enough Enough? and is co-author (with Laurie Ashner) of When Parents Love Too Much: Freeing Parents and Children to Live Their Own Lives, and has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey show. He is also an accomplished musician. 

This is an amazing book. Where else can you find such thought-provoking discussions about soul in all its many meanings, from jazz and blues to religion and psychology? And where else can you find an equally diverse array of speakers, from musicians and philosophers to rabbis and middle-school kids? “Soul” is such a commonly used word. But “What is Soul?” is an uncommon exploration!

Janet Landay

David Bloom, the founder of Bloom’s School of Jazz and awarded Chicago’s top jazz educator, doesn’t shy away from challenges.  In “What is Soul”, he offers a compendium of insights into all aspects of soul, from the religious, to the term in music, to soul food!  He interviewed more than 30 individuals of diverse age, race, and background—from noted author and radio personality Studs Terkel to cultural icon Oscar Brown, Jr. along with musicians, theologians, professors, regular people, and a group of 8th graders. Rather than just aggregate the interviews, the quotations are organized by topic. So the reader can dip into any section that piques their interest and find some real gems. Bloom does a great job steering the conversation so that the interviewee elaborates on their ideas to make even the difficult more understandable. Not only is this a fascinating compendium of ideas, but it makes you think about important stuff. Forget the trivial—this is truly soulful!

Susan Kimmel

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